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Last Hero of Trinidad

C ricket .  A game which has been part and parcel of the majority Asians.  I am no exception to that.  There was a time when I used to hate my brother, blocking the TV for the whole day citing an One Day Match.  I used to miss all my favourite cartoon shows and Sunday Serials due to that.  But that was then, in a country which has adopted cricket from English, it's natural you start following the game, as the time passes.  In fact, I started following the game, when I found that if you have to get into a close circle of friends, you need to be either of the two, be a follower of Cricket, or idolize any cine star.  Enough bragging about myself, and coming to the biggest news of the World Cup.  This World Cup has been a mixed match of sorts for all people.  The ouster of Heavyweights like India, Pakistan out of the tournament in first stage, would have taken the sheen of the competition.  But, there were other stars and star teams to watch over.   One of them is undoubted the Maste