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Cricket meets Terrorism

What we had all feared has finally became a reality. 03/03 was a sad day for Cricket.  We had the misfortune to wake up in the morning and hear the horrific news of visiting Sri Lankan team being attacked by Terrorists in Lahore, Pakistan.  They were on the way to the Ground, where they were expected to continue playing a Test match against Pakistan. As much as I hate to say that, Terrorists attacks in the Sub-continent are not something anew. But, This is the first time a Cricket or a Sports team was targeted by Terrorists.  Proving all claims by Officials that Sports persons are safe from Terrorists, as they are loved by one and all.  The horrific scenes shown on TV screens across networks, brought memories of the hideous Terrorist attack in Mumbai on 11/26 , which lasted a full 3 days of mayhem, and plunged to the whole country in sorrow and anger.  Pakistan cricket is facing a bleak future, with visiting teams certain to boycott tours to the troubled nation for the foreseeab