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Oscar Rahman & Slumdog Millionaire

After much expectations, and heightened media attractions, Slumdog Millionaire , did end up winning 8 Oscars in 2009 Academy Awards.  Even though, I am still reluctant to call Slumdog as the Indian entry to Oscars, I am happy for the fact that among those who were awarded there were also 3 Indians, in Resul Pookutty , AR Rahman , & Gulzar . I am extremely happy for Music Magician Rahman, that he finally got the accolades with two awards, which he deserved for long.  I don’t rate Jai Ho as one of his best renditions, because there were instances of genius a long time before in Movies like Roja, Dil Se, to the recent one of Jodha Akbar.  So, he was destined for glory, and it seems it has come at a right time, when he is gunning to touch international heights. More than the Songs, Rahman did his marvellous work on the Background score.  Something which he seems to have become mastered just like Song compositions, of late.  The background score during the Police chasing slum