It’s Game On in Cricket !

Ricky Ponting at Defeat If you had briefed my profile, then you would know that I share an another passion towards Sports.  And being an Asian, there are no prizes for guessing that my favourite sport of them all, would obviously be Cricket

The last few months have been tremendous for Cricket Fans, who are witnessing a sea-side change from the Australian witnessed and tired Dominance over this sport for more than a decade.  Now, with the back-to-back Test Series losses to India away , and South Africa at home, they have been proven human.

It will be interesting to see how they respond back to claim their numero-uno position.  They have the depth in their domestic circuit to do that, but the rest of the world is fast catching up with them. 

Cricket for DummiesOverall Peter English of Cricinfo summarized the present situation in the best possible way: 

“Australia are learning how the rest of the world lived over the past decade”

Either you are a Cricket Fan or Not, your best time to follow this sport is now.  No more “Dominance”, it is everyone’s Game from hereon.

And for those who are new to this kind of Sports, here is a Dummies page I found on the Internet.  It talks about Netti-Kitties of Cricket, in a Simple style… Enjoy !!

Recent Updates: Australia’s Bad run continued with the visiting New Zealand, who took them to a stalemate of 2-2 in the recently concluded One Day Series.  Clearly, they are yet to come to terms with the loss of experienced players in a bunch.  But, I still believe Australia has the depth in its domestic circuit, to stay a team to beat in future.  If not No.1, they will always be in the Top 3.  Let’s wait and see, how far my prediction turns true.

In one of the match commentaries on Cricinfo, a reader named Danny had share this gem of a thought -

"Its funny how similar Australia and Pakistan are at the moment,

    • Both have one new opener and one underachieving one (Hughes/Khurram - Katich/Butt)
    • their captain is currently their best batsman (Ponting/Younis)
    • shaky middle order with batsmen who used to be in great touch but now losing their form (Hussey/Misbah - Clarke/Malik)
    • steady keepers (Haddin/Akmal)
    • one makeshift allrounder (Mcdonald/Arafat)
    • one standout pace bowler (Johnson/Gul) and
    • an inexperienced bowling attack (Hilfenhaus/Talha - Siddle/Sohail)

I never thought I would say that in this lifetime.”


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