Turbo Boost WMP on Vista

WindowsMediaPlayer Ever since I bought my laptop bundled with Windows Vista, I had been experiencing a unique media problem unlike those which I have encountered so far.  Windows Media Player which had become a pro-standard for playing media files on Windows, was taking around 10 to 15 seconds for changing tracks or opening media files, the only information provided was 'Media Changing'.  The same version on Windows XP wasn't having this problem.

After browsing long on this issue, I came across the following support forum of DELL.  As previously thought, it wasn't any privacy settings or antivirus packs which was causing the slowness, but some newly added features from our friends in Raymond, thinking they were improving the media experience, by adding default Enhancements.

The Steps:

Start -> Sound -> Speakers/Headphones -> Enhancements -> Disable All Enhancements -> Apply & Ok -> Ok

Disabling these enhancements, makes way for Media Player to work the same old ways, and I don't see any quality difference either.  If you have been experiencing these issues, then follow the steps to resolve it.


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